Thursday, June 19, 2014

in need of sleep

I'm a Degree Holder with great result. Well, 3 pointer above, I suppose that I will have a great future in my career and life. With my excellent achievement in education, I hoped and still hoping..

But, life is so hard. World is killing me from each angles.
I don't even know why I am so stranded like this.

Until now, I still searching for my finite destination.

My life right now, feels like I am in a long and dark tunnel. There's light, but seems blurred and too far to grasp. Along the tunnel, there's lots of branched-tunnel that I don't even know which one should I take. The scariest thing is, I'm with so many people in that tunnel but feels alone. They also like me, searching for their own destination.

There's laughter and joy in my life, but I feel not complete. Never.

People said to me, don't hope too much. Don't imagining things too much. Don't be sad too much.
I don't know.
Maybe He also don't like me, not His favorite. Even though I need Him and still need.

I'm done talking and sharing. I just hoped that everything will pass-by the time.

Lone Ranger.

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